Design in Details

Blue Araras granite is a material from South America. It is extracted in large blocks in the north of Brazil and its high quality is visible at first sight as attested by its colour and measurements.

The Blue Araras is an average grain granite commonly known as «Ash Blue» for the colours that make it up.
On the white background, light shades of colour start from gray to blue, spaced out by pieces of taupe and quartz.

The Blue Araras is a granite for both interior and exterior environments.
It renders perfectly on large surfaces such as ventilated walls, floors and kitchen tops, as it is an easy-to-work material. It can be polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted, bushied, flamed, and the use of the waterjet results in works of great style.
It can also be laid as book-match processing to give more brightness to the room where it is placed.
The light background allows the use even in small spaces such as bath tops, tables, sinks, shower trays, stairs and pool edges; This way the many colours enhance the daily used surfaces and objects.

país origen:
2548 kg/m3
de agua:
0,32 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
132,4 Mpa
Resistencia a la flexión:
9,6 Mpa
Resistencia a la abrasión:
16,8 mm

Araras Blue

Cantera de Granito Araras Blue