Design in Details

Canhimei Green marble is a natural stone composed of many shades of green and several shades of white. It is very distinctive because the contrast of colors present is sharp and defined, making it resemble a graphic pattern.

African Canhimei Green marble is a multicolored material, which develops in all existing shades and hues between the darkest green and the lightest white. It belongs to the category of striated marbles, but its distinctiveness can be recognized by the traces of color so defined and obvious that they appear to have been designed by computer. In its complexity, it looks like a contemporary art painting.
Canhimei Green marble is a durable and robust material suitable for accommodating any known workmanship on the surface. The shapes of its color streaks create striking perspective planes and scenes that leave the viewer speechless.

Ideal for covering large surfaces, this material is a true work of art of nature: the design synthesis of a long work of sedimentation of minerals and crystallized organic matter. A unique rock from a strong natural connotation.

Densidad Aparente:
- kg/m3
de agua:
-1 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
- Mpa
a la flexión:
- Mpa
Resistencia a
la abrasión:
- mm