Design in Details

Imperial Crystal is a natural quartz of Brazilian origin. It is a very hard natural stone with a high mechanical and heat resistance. Following a mechanical deformation, such as compression, water and earth that had settled between the crystals, they solidified and created veins with unusual characteristics, similar to fractures.

The Imperial Crystal quartz has a white background that tends to gray, on which brown and hazelnut lines are woven and intertwined, reminiscent of the trace of the earth remained enclosed within the material.

The Imperial Crystal is such an elegant and refined material that it can be displayed as a piece of furniture in many architectural contexts, especially those that include the study of lighting and colors. In fact, due to its particular ability to be LED backlit, it can reflect the colors that best suit a place or a person.

It is suitable for embellishing the reception or lounge bar. It is a very sophisticated solution for the furnishing of wellness centers and spas, to give life to quiet places with calm and relaxing colors. It is also installed inside the elevators of hotels or luxury hotels, as well as separate offices.
It is a very versatile solution that adapts to creativity and taste of designers.

2650 kg/m3
de agua:
0,45 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
80,5 Mpa
Resistencia a la flexión:
10 Mpa
Resistencia a la abrasión:
1,75 mm

Cristallo Imperiale

Cantera de Cuarcita Cristallo Imperiale 2