Design in Details

Macondo is a quartzite of African origin. It is a natural stone extracted in the Namib desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world. Although it extends almost over the entire state of Namibia, the Macondo quarries are found in that small desert belt present south of Angola.

The Macondo quartzite presents an intense and brilliant black background, on which many parallel light veins run through recalling the waves of the sea. Interposing their rhythm, bright white spots give the material a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Macondo quartzite is suitable for any kind of construction, both for interiors and exteriors. The ancient and arid territory from which it originates gives it specific qualities: duration in time, resistance to temperatures and suitability for polishing, sanding, brushing, sandblasting, bush-hammering, flaming and waterjet-carving processes.
It is an excellent material for laying floors, for elegant staircases and for bathroom and kitchen cladding. In addition, the uniform texture, given by the veins, allows for the creation of three-dimensional objects in continuous movement, and for this reason it is also an ideal material to create objects and furnishing elements for the most refined houses and the most elegant offices.

país origen:
2754 kg/m3
de agua:
0,33 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
- Mpa
Resistencia a la flexión:
17,1 Mpa
Resistencia a la abrasión:
18 mm