Design in Details

Mirabilis is a new and exclusive marble quarried near the desert areas of the central-southern African continent. During the long period of sedimentation of limestone, a clear and bright material has formed, unique in its kind.

The Mirabilis marble has a white background, almost transparent, striated with crystalline areas and silver and black veins. It looks like the negative version of dark materials, usually interposed with lighter striations.
It is composed of fine particles, making it a translucent material, very elegant and refined.

Mirabilis is a remarkably beautiful marble, because it is bright and versatile in its ways of use. It is used for interior furnishing of kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hotel halls or high-class shops. It also has suitable characteristics for external claddings such as walls, stairs or floors, as it is a robust material that resists winter temperatures. Its shine is ideal for illuminating the darkest rooms or for enriching the most coveted spaces.

país origen:
2650 kg/m3
de agua:
0,2 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
- Mpa
Resistencia a la flexión:
8,5 Mpa
Resistencia a la abrasión:
- mm


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