Design in Details

The granite Monumental Black or Black Angola Kalahary is a material from Central Africa. It is extracted in Angola, as the name itself indicates, and takes its name from the desert area of Kalahary. It is appreciate for the colour homogeneity that each block has.

The main characteristics of this material are the homogeneous color, its hardness and high opposition to the absorption of liquids and substances. The very thin granulometry of which it is made makes it a very durable material, which does not require resin treatments, thus allowing its application to almost au naturel. That is why it is a granite that is appreciated on the market and recognized for its high quality.

Black Angola Kalahary is a material suitable for interior and exterior design, especially to give the projects a sophisticated signature of elegance and sophistication.
It is a granite used internally to cover large or small surfaces, both for flooring and wall coverings. It can also be worked easily to create customized kitchen tops and bath tops, and thanks to the homogeneity of its colour it is easily combined with any other color and material.
Despite its hardness, Black Angola Kalahary is a granite that works well to create stone design objects, household items as well as special sculptures for burial cells and gravestones.

país origen:
2930 kg/m3
de agua:
1 %
Resistencia a la compresión:
- Mpa
Resistencia a la flexión:
- Mpa
Resistencia a la abrasión:
1,35 mm

Monumental Black